JTA Bus Schedule WebOS App Changelog and Planned Updates


Some folks asked for this, so here it is. This is what I am planning on doing, and the order I plan on doing it in. If anyone wants to help, let me know! I’m doing this all for free.

Version # Changes or Planned Changes
0.0.1 Added Bus Schedules Header, List of Bus Schedules with hyperlinks to JTA website.
0.0.2 Changed background color and spaced out the list to make it easier to tap.
0.0.3 Added JTA logo and link to JTA homepage.
0.5.0 Converted text html list to Mojo List UI.  It’s easier to tap and more natural for WebOS users. Added place holder cards for each schedule and put a Webview widget on each schedule card. Now you don’t have to leave the app to see the schedule on the JTA website.
0.6.0 Fixed missing cards. Added a header on each schedule card with a link to the actual website so you can open them in another card. Started importing schedule into the application. Added AR-3 Townsend-Regency schedule, links to the pdf version and the route map jpg to the app as a style test.
0.6.1 added Metrix and R-5 schedule, pdf, and route map jpg.
0.6.2 added WS-1 and WS-12, schedules, pdf, and route map jpg.
0.6.3 added P-4 schedules, pdf, and route map jpg.
0.6.4 Removed WS-1 schedule and added Trolley Schedules.
0.7.4 add NORTHSIDE
0.7.5 add SOUTHSIDE
0.7.6 add WESTSIDE
0.7.7 add Trolley and Skyway
0.7.8 add Inter-County Shuttle
0.7.9 add Ride Request & Stadium Shuttle Service
0.8.0 add Help file with instructions on how to use app
0.9.0 add Terms of Service and Copyright information
1.0.0 add open schedule in new card

3 Replies to “JTA Bus Schedule WebOS App Changelog and Planned Updates”

  1. I tried to have this sent as an sms message from the Palm website but it didn’t work. Can you offer any suggestions? I work for JTA and, if I can get the app’ to work on my phone, we may place a link on our website so others can use it to.

    Please help ASAP.

    1. Forgive me for asking, but I am assuming that you have a Palm Pre or a Palm Pixi, right? If yes, then visit http://bit.ly/JTAWebOSApp on your phone. It will take you to the App Catalog. If you don’t have a Pre or a Pixi, then unfortunately, you can’t use the app. It is only for Palm WebOS devices. After I finish this one, I’ll start working on an Android and iPhone version.

      I added a shortcut on this site. You can go to http://rayhollister.com/jta and it will take you to the app catalog.

      UPDATE: I just tried it on my Pre and it gave me an error message. Try it again; Palm may be updating the App Catalog.

  2. If you can get one up for iPhone, that would be wonderful. You already totally rock for doing this! Thank you! The closest I have to a JTA app is downloading the schedule .pdfs into iBooks.

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